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Eyelash Extensions: everything ya need to know

If there’s one makeup necessity I rarely leave the house without, it’s usually mascara. When it comes down to it, I like how eyelashes open up my eyes and help me go from looking on the verge of death to a semi-productive human being. That being said, I’ve dabbled in falsies and lash extensions lately, because I wasn’t blessed with long, wispy lashes like some women have.

Falsies and lash extensions both have their pros and cons. Falsies can be taken off at night, so rubbing your eyes after wiping all your makeup off is still a move. They’re also relatively cheap. But one too many a time I’ve felt reliant on them for nights out. I’ve found myself gluing them on in the front seat of my Honda minutes before I’m supposed to be somewhere, getting my fingers sticky and ruining my eyeliner because the light from my car mirror is not #goals.

That being said, I decided to try eyelash extensions again this month. I’d had them about a year ago, but I’d only had classic lashes, not volume. Classic is a more natural look, and after a while, I wanted to give my actual lashes a break and just let them be. I went to Lashes by Matick in Plainfield, Indiana for my latest set - volume lashes - and I fell in love with the classic look.

Eyelash extensions are individual pieces of material, and the process of getting them can take on average a couple hours. Unlike falsies, you don’t just slap some glue on your eyelid and pray they marry with your real lashes; these ones are individually placed on each eye for an authentic look.

They usually last about two to three weeks - it’s recommended you get a refill then. If for some reason you don’t want to keep up with them, DO NOT try to take them off yourself. I’ve heard horror stories of girls getting impatient and trying to do it at home. To keep your eyelashes safe, either let the extensions fall out naturally, or go back to your lash lady for proper removal.

As far as pricing goes, it really comes down to what type of set you want (classic vs. volume) and the credentials of your lash lady. They can range on average from 165 for classic to 220 for volume. (Refills will be less than that, of course.)

So is it worth it?

If you’re someone like me who swears by eye makeup and also feels a tad lazy sometimes with putting anything on in the morning, then yes.

Pamper yourself, girls. It’s the holiday season, after all.



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