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The London Desserts You Need to Self-Induce a Sugar Coma

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Leave your oatmeal raisin cookies at the door. They have no place here, my friends. If you’re a dessert-oholic, you’ve come to the right blog. They say Americans do dessert pretty big, but London’s sweets put my blood pressure through the ringer. And I loved every bit(e) of it.

1. Bubblewrap Waffle

Two of my favorite things - breakfast and ice cream. This delicacy is a Hong Kong street food staple, and it was popping in London, the line out the door. They make the waffles right in front of you, and since there’s no indoor seating, you take your dessert and walk through the beautiful Chinatown streets. Just try not to spill.

Hazelnut and mochi with Nutella drizzle on top

2. Yolkin

Yolkin marries macarons and ice cream into a delicious post-dinner, post-lunch, post-literally-anything-because-it’s-amazing snack. The owner of the shop had the idea of making the two together when she realized she could use the egg yolk, usually thrown away when making macarons, in the ice cream. Zero waste and 100% taste.

A red velvet ice cream macaron

3. Doughnut Time

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a simple glazed doughnut the same. Doughnut Time uses ingredients like Kinder Bueno, raspberry plum jam, Biscoff spread, and vegan options to create edible works of art. Dunkin’ Donuts could never.

Brownies and cookie dough - a huge go-to for me

4. Kings Cross Real Food Market

I really should lump all markets into this bullet point (honorary mention to Borough Market, the real MVP), but I have a special place in my heart for this one, if only because it was my weekly temptation every time I took the Tube. (Kings Cross was my home station.) There are donuts, croissants, pies, macaroons, and although I couldn’t find the name of the place, these “brookies” (cookies/brownies) that I forced myself to wait and try the night before I left. (I didn’t want to get hooked!)

Peanut butter, fudge, and M&M's brookie

5. Bea’s of Bloomsbury

While this place also serves breakfast, lunch, and afternoon tea, I found their dessert selection to be my favorite part of the menu. Brownies, cake, and cupcakes (some even gluten-free) were available at the front for immediate purchase.

A range of cupcakes at Bea's - I had the hazelnut one

6. Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park

So maybe this is just a seasonal thing, but the food . . . well worth saving your London travels for the holiday season. Fresh, half-baked cookie dough with ice cream, churros, and plenty of amusement park rides to make your full stomach queasy? Sign me up.

Half-baked cookie dough, Oreos, and ice cream - need I say more?

Nutella-filled churros

7. Cereal Killer Cafe

A restaurant with cereal in every dish on the menu. From cereal fried chicken, to the Fruity Pebble burger, there was no shortage of creativity. I went for the ice cream bowl, but my friends were adventurous and got lunch. Try the galaxy sauce for something different - it’s surprisingly good. Even if you don’t want the food, go for the atmosphere. You’ll feel a wave of nostalgia hit when you walk through the door and see the seats are old-school beds with sheets from old cartoons, and Beanie Babies decorate the walls. Oh, and they have booze on the menu. I’ll just go ahead and book your reservation for you.

Lots of Oreo's in this creation - I already want to go back

Actual representation of me eating my way through London.

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